Wearing a "Mask"
July 7, 2020, 2:49 PM

There has been a lot of talk about wearing masks over the last couple months. This has of course brought on some interesting conversations with many. This past week I even heard someone say, “I’m not wearing a mask, it’s against my religion” … Let’s say there may be some scientific, medical and legal reasons you may choose to wear or not wear a mask, but just to pull a quick come back like this out of thin air is a little “unique”. However, if it is against YOUR religion, I would like to know more, congratulations…you have gained my curiously.


There are a couple of scriptures that can be found around this unique topic. I call it unique only because I believe there are many of us that would have never imagined that we would have to not only match our socks to our outfit, but now we have to match out masks…


Before you go any further in reading, I want to make one simple but necessary point clear. God is not as (if at all) concerned with our “physical” appearance, as He is concerned with the condition of our hearts within a relationship with Him.


In Exodus we find were Moses’ face after speaking with the Lord shined so brightly that Moses placed a veil over his face after he spoke with the Lord. Read more about this and Moses’ “Mask” in Exodus 34.


Exodus 34:29-35 (NKJV)

The Shining Face of Moses

29 Now it was so, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai (and the two tablets of the Testimony were in Moses’ hand when he came down from the mountain), that Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone while he talked with Him. 30 So when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone, and they were afraid to come near him. 31 Then Moses called to them, and Aaron and all the rulers of the congregation returned to him; and Moses talked with them. 32 Afterward all the children of Israel came near, and he gave them as commandments all that the Lord had spoken with him on Mount Sinai. 33 And when Moses had finished speaking with them, he put a veil on his face. 34 But whenever Moses went in before the Lord to speak with Him, he would take the veil off until he came out; and he would come out and speak to the children of Israel whatever he had been commanded. 35 And whenever the children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses’ face shone, then Moses would put the veil on his face again, until he went in to speak with Him.



Another interesting verse is found in 2 Corinthians 4:2 (MSG). I am not a fan of “The Message” translation however for this purpose today however I wanted to share what I found in my studies. This passage in this translation had caught my attention. It states, “we refuse to wear masks and play games” (4:2).


I have heard just about every theory you can possibly imagine about wearing masks, I have heard the pros, and the cons, and the many opinions on the subject. My thought for you is not about the “medical” position or argument. Hear me out.


I believe that there are many that “twist God’s Word” to suit themselves. With this I believe that it is important to know and understand that God does not expect us to “wear a mask” over our hearts, and most assuredly not over our salvation. I am not speaking of a “physical mask” that you may be thinking of and I am by no means helping you make your own decision to wear or not wear a “physical mask”. However, I want you to think about the concept, spiritually. Masks cover, that’s the point. We should not cover our salvation to where others cannot be “exposed” to it. Our goal is to share our salvation with everyone we can. This is our mission, and this IS a commandment. Just a thought to ponder around, and to get your wheels turning.




Pastor Jonathan W. Pannell III



2 Corinthians 4:2 The Message (MSG)

Trial and Torture

4 1-2 Since God has so generously let us in on what he is doing, we’re not about to throw up our hands and walk off the job just because we run into occasional hard times. We refuse to wear masks and play games. We don’t maneuver and manipulate behind the scenes. And we don’t twist God’s Word to suit ourselves. Rather, we keep everything we do and say out in the open, the whole truth on display, so that those who want to can see and judge for themselves in the presence of God.

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