Stay Focused.
July 13, 2020, 9:59 AM

Many times, we allow something to occupy our minds to where we want to make a rash decision. In the midst of everything good that is going on around us one negative thing can occupy our minds and cause us a lot of extra stress. In Esther, we find a story of a man named Haman, the King of Persia, and a man named Mordecai. The Bible says that Haman was a “mighty man” (3:1) and riding through the kingdom and everyone is bowing and crying out, “Thou art a mighty man”, all except one man… His name, Mordecai (3:2).

Mordecai refused to bow and instead of Haman seeing everyone else that was bowing, he noticed the one distraction that stood out and became focused on him. We are many times the same way, we stress over one thing, to the point that it drives us crazy and we loose focus.

Haman had the entire kingdom except one bowing, why not forget about that one clown, everyone else was crying out, “Thou art a might man”. But, no this occupied Haman’s mind, and the Bible says to get to this one man, Mordecai, Haman derived a plan to exterminate the entire Jewish race.

I believe that many of us, have one problem. And our one problem is causing us heartache and sleepless nights and a great deal of stress. Our one problem is driving us to extreme measures.

The Bible says that the King was in agreement to let Haman kill all the Jews (3:11), and as we read, we learn that the night before the plan was to be put into place to exterminate the Jews that the King could not sleep (6:1).

As you face a storm in your life, or the darkest moment in your night I want you to consider this thought, your King is not sleeping.

In this moment where the King was not sleeping, he asked basically to be caught up on everything that was going on throughout the Kingdom. As they were reading the events to him, they shared a story of a man who stopped a planned attack to assassinate the King. This individual came and warned them to where they were able to catch the assassins. This heroic individual was Mordecai.

I can image in the King was probable scratching his head, he had never heard of this incident before. The King wondering now what did we do to show honor and appreciation to this man who saved my life, and prevented this terrorist attack?

The King calls in Haman (6:5), who is believing at this point that he is about to receive a job promotion, a raise. What else could it be the King is wanting to see him.

The King asks him, what would you do… if the king has somebody that he was thinking about, and that he wanted to honor and delight himself in? (6:6) Haman is excited, and I can see his wheels at this point start to turn in his mind about what he would like and be looking forward to…

Haman says, this is what I would do…
I would put the king’s royal attire on him. (6:8)
I would get the king’s horse and let him ride through the streets. (6:9)
I would get a crown and put it on his head. (6:8)
And I would send someone out before him and declare, “Behold a man in whom the king delights, and a man in whom the king honors”. (6:9)

The king thinks that this is a great idea, and says YES, do that for Mordecai! (6:10)


Haman wanted all this for himself, and Satan wants everything God wants to give to you.


Stay Focused, and don’t get distracted.

Blessings, Pastor Jonathan W. Pannell III

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