Early Bird Gets the Worm
February 16, 2017, 6:27 PM

"Early Bird Gets the Worm"

I recently changed my workout routine. Before I was coming in after work to workout. I was thinking I was accomplishing something, just to find myself half way working out. Not reaching my full potential.

So, I started coming in before work. Getting up two hours early was a sacrifice in it's self. What happened is my early morning workout turned into an every morning time of prayer and worship while I worked out. Truly a very humbling experience.

My workouts have been stronger than ever, and before 7am I have been working out for two or more hours, showered dressed for work and out the door. All before the devil even gets out of bed!

You won't to beat the devil? Get up before He does and do to the Father. The devil won't stand a chance! Try ME!

Pastor Jonathan Pannell

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